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October-November 2010

Kole teaches three essential and very effective concepts for making music.

December-January 2010
Brian Hunsaker

Here are nine songwriting tips you can use right away, regardless of your current level of technique.

June-July 2011
Guy Pople

Pursuing your lead guitar development by reducing the major scale to modes (or inversions) in the name of improvisation.

August-September 2011
Guy Pople

This month`s lead guitar element focuses on using the major scale to build other scales.

August-September 2012
Joe Pinnavaia

When you find a group of musicians that you write, perform and hang with and can trust, well you may have won a lottery in life.

October-November 2012
Jerry Kramskoy

Shedding light on modes for those of you that are reaching out for new ideas to add to your musical armoury.

December-January 2012
Jerry Kramskoy

Connect with our audience; stirring up emotions while avoiding negative emotions.

June-July 2013
Ryan Buckner

Most guitar players have a tendency to use a single (often limiting) approach to songwriting that holds them back from achieving the results they want.

August-September 2013
Ryan Buckner

Unity and variety in songwriting are essential to keeping a song balanced and maintaining interest throughout the entire piece of music.

October-November 2013
Ryan Buckner

It does not necessarily have to take you a very long time to gain the skills needed to accurately express yourself through music.

December-January 2013
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike Campese is back with ideas on how to compose - anytime, anywhere.

December-January 2013
Ryan Buckner

There are four mistakes that you can fix that will drastically increase your musical creativity and help you come up with songwriting ideas much faster.


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