Home Studio Registry: David Bogdan

Future plans/projects

Currently working on a demo for a group.


Gibson Les Paul, Gibson L9s Bass, Fender Strat, Hamer, Ovation Acoustics


Korg N264.

Sound modules

Roland S760 Digital Samplers


Ludwig, Roland,


Alesis, Roland, DBX, BBE, Sonar


Octava, Sure, AKG, Neuman


Tascam 24 channel with Delta 1010 a/d converters

Tape decks

Tascam 4 track (it's really a conversation piece!). Recording and mixdown all digital. CD and DVD burners for mastering.

Hard disk recorders

Home built digital audio system (server)


Hughes and Ketner power amp, QSC room amps, Events studio monitors, Bang and Olufson monitors, Yahama, RCA subs


Home built, 2 160GB SCSI 10,000 HDDS mirrored, 1GB memory, 2.8GB processor, Windows 2000.

Music software

Sonar 2.0

Additional equipment

3 Delta 1010's for 24 tracks in and out (simultanous). Late 70's Marshall half stack (50 watt), Orange, Hughes and Ketner Bass amp, Ampeg VT22, H&K Attax 80, H&K Attax rack mount, Tubeman rack mount. Of course Miles of cables!!

Additional notes

Having Fun! That's what counts!!! Also upgrading to Sonar 4.0 mainly because we can port the data to Pro Tools in case someone wants to go to a studio that has that stuff.

Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Above average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100