Home Studio Registry: Don Culowski

Future plans/projects

Working on MY first CD and helping others and friends to promote thier music. I have worked on an indie film soundtrack and many other short projects. I now am a full blown Analog Multi-track studio for professional music production. Please see my website for details.


All Kinds, Even cheap ones, Several Jacksons and Charvels, an Ibanez, a bass guitar, a Bradley Les Paul and 2 Yamaha Acoustics- a 6 and a 12 String. Many different amps and speaker cabinets.


Korg Trinity PRO HDR with all the stuff inside of it and SCSI too. Korg Poly 61, and Casio keyboard for drum beats or metronome.

Sound modules

Ensoniq wavetable PCI, Yamaha PCI Soundcard with XG Synth


Noisy loud drums of various brands including TAMA and Zildjian Cymbals, Tama and Gibralter hardware. Drum sticks. Remo Roto Toms. Slingerland Snare. Alesis HR-16 drum machine. Casio RZ-1 Sampling Drum machine.


Alesis MIDI Verb 4, Digitech RPS2001 Multi delay thingy, Rockman CHORUS AND DELAY SUSTAINER PREAMP half racks, DOD Quad gate and Behringer Quad gate, SPL Vitalizer psycho acoustic processor, 4 DBX 266 Comp/Gates, biamp long throw dual 10 EQ. Shouting at walls for naturel echo plex. Malatchi Preamps, and a Roland/Boss RV-70 Reverb effects processor.


(1) Superlux CM-H8A Large Diaphragm (3) EV tr420's, (4)AT 816, (3) MB-1200 (2)DB-210, (1)Shure PE15, Shure/Radio Crap Various, (2) CAD Highballs, (2) Carvin CM 67, (1) CM 68, (2)CM 90E, (2)Samson R11s.


Peavey AMR Production series 800 24 + 16 x 8 Recording Console, Samson 2242, Radio Shack 6x2, Shure 4x1.

Tape decks

Sharp (OUCH) RT-100 and RT-115 Cassettes, Pioneer RT-707, Pioneer 1250 cassette deck, Denon DN-770R, DBX 224 external DBX type 2 DBX noise reduction, Evertz emulator synchronizer 7100N, Fostex model 20 mastering recorder, Fostex D20 timecode DAT, AKAI multitrack MG14D x2 for 24 tracks, Fostex 4030 Sink unit, moen faucet. An Otari MX5050 Tabletop Half track recorder. Also a Fostex 4 tracker with some dried spaghetti stuck to it.

Hard disk recorders



Peavey HKS 12 Powered Monitors, Bose 501 and 301 Speakers and an ASR 150 watt Amplifier, some headphones and Cans with a string tied to each other


Peice of Junk Intel and Microsoft based hunk of everlasting crud that crashes more than a blind school bus driver!

Music software

Cakewalk guitar studio, Yamaha/NTT VQF player encoder, Goldwave, Cool edit, N-track, Anvil studio, SF Vegas Pro, Some Misc Mp3 stuff too, CD burners with Adaptec EZ CD Creator, seperate dedicated MIDI computer too.

Additional equipment

Bullhorn, glass bottles, a hammer, a spatula, tongs, Flame thrower, meat bucket, metronome, Forklift, 55 Gallon Steel Drum filled with kitchen grease, A Spare Transmission for a 67 Camaro, A bunchload of PA gear, Makita Drill, Misc Tools and a 30 watt Soldering iron for building my own cables and artistic wood burning. An Alarm clock with digital display for keeping time.

Additional notes

I really have a awesomely nice studio!!!! Just a weird sense of Humor.

Primary use Secondary use
Commercial work Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Above average Average
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40