Home Studio Registry: Jason Frey

Future plans/projects

I have worked with a ton of software as a multimedia specialist for years - tons of promotional artwork flyers, promos, interactive DVDs for music and "horror genre" oriented projects. My preference multi-track DAW preference is REAPER. I've also used Sound Forge for many years. I am currently focusing hard on all aspects of audio engineering in school and in "off-work" time so I can continue to record music for others and test demos for myself that will propel my recording and compositional skills. I aim to complete my own E.P. as a test for achieving tracks with full, thick and pristine, professional caliber quality.


Ibanez JS100 guitar(modified), Ibanez Talman Acoustic-Electric Thinline, Martin Backpacker w/ pickup, Ibanez SR300 bass(modified)


M-Audio Pro Keys Sono 88, Casio SK-5


Roland V-Drums kit, VST based plug-ins


DigiTech GNX4, Korg Pandora PX5D, Decimator ProRackG Noise Gate, Line 6 ToneCore Uber Metal pedal w/ noise gate, Ibanez Tone-Lok SM7 Smash Box Pedal w/ noise gate, Maxon GE601 Graphic EQ Pedal, BOSS V-Wah PW-10 Pedal (noiseless), Zoom 505 Guitar Pedal


Various. I use only the most PROFESSIONAL and HIGH-QUALITY instrument cables and connectors


Various. I use only the most PROFESSIONAL and HIGH-QUALITY instrument cables and connectors


KRK Systems V8 Series II Two-Way Active Powered Monitors, Technics stereo speakers, Creative Desktop speakers, Charvel CH-200R Practice Amp, PyP-Bomb PB-1A Portable Amplifier, KOSS Pro4AA Titanium headphones, Sony MDR-CD380 headphones plus others, Optimus STA-2170 Receiver, etc.


Windows VISTA 64-bit w/ 4 gigs of RAM Dual Intel processor, MSI K7D motherboard system with 7200 RPM Maxtor hard drives

Music software

REAPER, Sound Forge, CD Architect 5.2, Reason Adapted, Live Digidesign 2.1, drum replacement and other various plug-ins, etc.

Additional equipment

Various additional equipment and workstations

Additional notes

Here's a rough and perhaps vague summary of music I enjoy in no particular order: OLDIES, SHRED, CLASSICAL, NEO-CLASSICAL, MELODIC/HARD ROCK, METAL, PROGRESSIVE, FUSION, '80's music, PUNK (old), FILM SCORES, OLD AMERICAN COUNTRY-FOLK (Sons Of The Pioneers w/ Roy Rogers, Doc Watson, etc.), BLUEGRASS, JAZZ, NEW AGE, ELECTRONIC, CARTOON MUSIC and JINGLES, etc.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Alone Less than 5