Home Studio Registry: Joel Black

Future plans/projects

Upgrade of studio...


Ibenez - Les Paul, Fender Start 50th, Greg Benette, Ovation Celebrity, Maton N125, Fender Strat,Gibson SG and Peavey Bassman.


Korg M1 workstation and Casio

Sound modules

Not much at the moment, Only Computer software and keyboard


21 Peice UB Drum kit, Mapex Drum Kit and Roland V-Drums


GFX-707 Foot pedal Processors, Computer digital noise processor, Track editor, Boss Digital delay, Boss MT-2 Distortion peddel, Boss TU-2 Turning peddel, Dunlop Crybaby Wah Peddel, Ernie Ball Volume Peddel


3x Shure SM58 Microphones, 1x Optimus Mic, 1x Cordless Pheonic Microphone. 2x Peak Condensor mics, 1x Peak Bass drum mic, 8x tom mics, Peak SM58 copy, 2x Optimus Wireless Microhpones, 1xRODE Condensor


24/6 Yamaha Mixer with onboard effects

Tape decks

2x Tape decks, Relistic/Technics, Stereo.

Hard disk recorders

All is computer based


250WATT x4 Stereo Monitor System, 4 Speakers (12" sub, 6" Horn)EV PA , 5 Stereo Headphones (sony)


Computer, Intel Pentium 4 2400Mhz, 1Gb Ram, 2x 120GB HDD, 8x DVD-+/-RW 52x CD-RW. 128MB Graphics card, Creative Audigy Sound card

Music software

Cool Edit pro, Soft tracker 2001, Editor Plus, Noise Reduction Pro, Sound manager, Track manager 2000, Adobe Audition 1.5

Additional equipment

Fender Concert Valve Amplifire, Quad box (4x 10" instrument Fender Speakers at 80Watts each) Ashton 100WATTAMP (80 Watt celestrion speaker) 2x 600WATT Celestrion PA Speakers, Powerd by a 1300WATT Optim Stereo PA Amp. Guitar Foot Pedals, Wah pedals, FX Pedals.. etc. Mic Stands, Guitar Stands, Jade 250 WATT Tube Bass Amp, 24 Channel Analogue Microphone Mixer. Berhinger 120Watt Bass Amp, Roland 30 Watt Guitar amp, Renkus Heinz 1000WATT PA Speakers (x2) twin 15" 2000WATT Camco PA AMP

Additional notes

Yeah, its cool, Just started building the studio, So not exactly finished yet, But in use at the moment.

Primary use Secondary use
Demos Practice and Rehearsal
Recording level MIDI level
Average Just learning
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians 21-40