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���The studio is comfortable with no distractions and has a great vibe. It�۪s very relaxing to be outside of Austin and away from the scene. Michaux is a very diligent Engineer who is patient with anticipation of the perfect take. He is easy to work with and has a very laid back attitude. At the same time, he is always ready and eager to keep the session moving on schedule. I was considering buying a Pro Tools system before working with Michaux. Michaux made Pro Tools look so easy that I decided to purchase a Pro Tools system for my pre-production work in LA. Whenever I am working with an Austin artist, we will record at Michaux Music Studios.�۝ Andre ���L.A. Dre�۝ Bolton ��� Producer, Los Angeles: NWA, Too Short, Easy E, Michel�۪le, DOC, Above the Law"If you are looking for someone who is meticulous, caring, passionate and exacting about your project, and someone who has an instinctual prowess at getting great sounds and productions, then Michaux is your guy.�۝ Rex Schnelle ��� Producer / Engineer, Sony Studios Nashville: Jessica Simpson, Olivia Newton John, Jon Bon Jovi, Brooks and Dunn, Waylon Jennings, Tim McGraw The family legacy continues through the son of Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan. ���Michaux is a young soulful cat with his finger on the pulse of what�۪s really going on in today�۪s music. I found the best guitar, drum and vocal sounds here, just outside of Austin. The studio has a clean environment, is free of distractions and is a place where I can get away and really focus on the music. Michaux is patient and has a great ear ��� but my tracks speak for themselves. Michaux produces some of the best sounding vocal tracks of mine or anyone else�۪s that I have ever heard.�۝ Tyrone Vaughan - Artist, Guitarist, Songwriter (Former lead guitarist for Breedlove) ���To have a chance at airplay, your songs and recordings must be ���radio ready�۝. This requires artist development by experienced Producers and great Engineers who are skilled in your genre of music. Michaux Music offers both of these elements. I personally witnessed the development of Tyrone Vaughan by Michaux Music. The results are undeniably ���radio ready�۝. I highly recommend Michaux Music to any artist for development and recording. MichauX�۪s music is on the cutting edge of where Gospel, R&B and Soul music is headed in the future of radio and has the timeless qualities of Classic Soul. His sound holds the listener and he is definitely an artist that radio should take notice of." Preston Lowe Music Director The Beat 104.3 KQBT- FM Austin ���I came from another studio to Michaux for mixing and I was so pleased with the sound. Michaux was professional, honest, and genuinely interested in my project.�۝ Teresa Claiborne Artist, Songwriter ���I have worked in studios across the country and have found Michaux to be the most innovative Engineer that I have ever worked with.�۝ Perry Lowe Producer, Artist, Songwriter ���This is fresh and necessary music, not at all what you might expect. MichauX�۪s vocals will captivate you for the entire record and his songs will keep you coming back for more!�۝ Ter ���ell Shahid, Artist, Engineer, Producer - Darkskin Music Selected Credits: Knappy Roots, Erykah Badu, Jaborn, Bavu Blakes, Malford Milligan, Overlord, Tyrone Vaughan, Tony Thompson - Hi Five, Salih Williamson, Mahogany, Lil Black, Lil Raskul ���MichauX has tunes that seem to stick with ya; great vocals, nice production and good arrangements.�۝ Malford Milligan World Renowned Singer / Songwriter ���We were looking for something new and edgy for ���Showtime at the Apollo�۪. MichauX�۪s voice and music is unique and different than anything we have heard before and we believe that the audience will really relate to his music and the message.�۝ Malika Smith, CEO Club Praize Magazine Consultant to ���Showtime at the Apollo�۪ Orange, New Jersey


Strat, Les Paul, Taylor


Roland, Alesis, Ensoniq, Korg

Sound modules

Ensonic ASR 10 Advanced Sampling Recorder with SyQuest SCSI hard drive Korg M3R Al Synthesis Module


Alesis D4 Drum Module Custom Built MIDI Drum Kit


Art DRI Digital Reverb Lexicon MPX 100 Multi Channel Processors Multicom MDX 2400 hundreds of quality Pro Tools plug ins


MXL V69 Mogami Edition Tube CAD Equitek E-300 AKG D-112 Shure SM-57 (5) Oktava MK-219 (2) Audio Technica MB1000L (2)


Mackie SR24-4 Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO

Tape decks

Alesis Masterlink CD Recorder Alesis ADAT Panasonic DAT Yamaha Cassette Sony Mini Disk


Mackie HR824 Studio Monitors Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones (2) Sennheiser HD202 Headphones (5)


Macintosh G4 733 Mhz 60 Gig and 30 Gig SCSI Hard Drives 1.5 Gig of RAM Superdrive DVDR/CDR Digidesign Digi 001 Datasync 2 Atari 1040 ST Remote for Pro Tools IBM 15�۝ Flat Touch Screen (Wall mounted within live room)

Music software

Pro Tools LE (32 Tracks) Pro Tools Plug Ins Bomb Factory 1176 and LA2A Compressors Mooger Fooger, Lowpass and Ring Modulator, Voce Chorus, Vibrator, Spinner SansAmp PSA 1, RealVerb, ChannelStrip, Antares Autotune, Mic Modeler Waves, Audio Track, EQ, Comp, Gate, CI Comp-Gate, C4, DeEsser, Auto Doppler, Enigma, IDR, LI Limiter, Max Bass, Meta Flanger, Mondo Mod, Paz Freq Analyzer, Paz Meters, EQ10, EQ4, TrueVerb, Ultra Pitch Shift 3-6, Harmonizer, Wide Panner, SuperTap 2-6 Waves Renaissance, Comp, Reverb, EQ 2-4-6 DUY Shape, Max Limiter, Reverb GRM Tools, Filterbank 1-6 Bandpass, Comb Filter, Mono Delay, Doppler, Freeze, Pitch Accumulator, Reason, Resonator, Shuffling Digidesign, Delays 1-8, Dither CompresorBank 1-2-3 Dverb, Raygun,

Additional equipment

Outboard Apogee dual mic pre / converter Art Dual MP Tube Mic Pre 2 rooms - 11' x 14' each Pro attitude, atmosphere and comfortable seating areas for your group Pro Tools - 32 tracks ADAT - 8 tracks Pro microphones Apogee Converters and microphone preamps Over 100 of the very best Pro Tools plug ins $40 Per/Hr or $300 Per/Day

Additional notes

Who we are:

Michaux Music is a production company and project recording studio located just outside of Austin in historic Bastrop, Texas. We are just off of Highway 71 within Bastrop�۪s thriving business district amidst many restaurants and guest accommodations for your convenience. Our facilities include two spacious rooms (11�۪ x 14�۪ each) and comfortable seating areas for the small group or ensemble. Our Producers and Engineers each have over 15 years of experience with many different styles of music. Within a well-equipped digital project studio, Michaux Music produces and engineers first class demo and album projects from conception to final mix. Through live studio musicians and MIDI instruments, we have the flexibility and expertise to enhance your group�۪s sound as well as back up the singer/songwriter.

Our Mission:

Michaux Music is focused on you the Artist and your vision for your music. We listen closely and are determined to meet your needs. If your project only requires engineering, we will strive to ensure that the recording techniques and sound match your desires and/or industry standards for your genre of music. If your project requires full production and engineering services, we can offer assistance with writing, arrangements, pre-production, production and post-production. In this case, you will have our full attention and assistance with every detail of the songs from conception to completion. As experienced vocalists and songwriters, we take special care in creating award winning vocal and musical arrangements.

Michaux Music is committed to excellence. We take great pride in creating an atmosphere that allows you the Artist to relax and focus on your best performance. We are not satisfied with average recordings. We will not settle for less than a representation of your highest quality musicianship captured within an excellent recording. Michaux Music has the experience, patience, technology, and resources to make your project a success at a reasonable price.

MichauX - 512-581-7651

Primary use Secondary use
Recording Demos
Recording level MIDI level
High High
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians More than 100