Home Studio Registry: Scott Bliven

Future plans/projects

My studio is primarily used as a hobby; however, working with 2 other friends, we've put together demos that we are working on getting published. Along with my own individual songwriting, my long term plan is to learn recording well enough to use the studio to help other musicians prepare demos, etc. for their projects.


Gibson Les Paul Studio electric Fender Stratocaster electric Adamas (Ovation) SMT 1598 - 12 string acoustic Taylor 310-M 6 string acoustic Custom built Poehnelt 6 string acoustic Yamaha Bass Oscar Schmidt OE-30 Semi hollow electric guitar


Radio Shack MD1210


Alesis SR-16 Boss DR-5 Drums on Demand drum loops


Lexicon MPX100 Yamaha MagicStomp Acoustic and Guitar Yamaha AG Stomp


Audio Technica 4050 2 AKG C1000S Rode NT1


Monitors: Mackie HR824 Headphones: AKG K240 Audio Technica ATH M40 Sony MDR 7505


Carillon Audio System 160 Gbyte Hard Drive

Music software

Pro Tools LE Digidesign 002 Rack

Additional equipment

Behringer T1953 Pre-Amp Art MP Studio Tube Pre-Amp
Primary use Secondary use
Composition Demos
Recording level MIDI level
Average None
Commonly work (with) Completed songs/demos/jingles
Other musicians