October-November 2017

Vol. 22, No. 3: October-November 2017
ROCKtober Is Instrumental Guitar Month
Thirteenth Annual Tribute To Instrumental Guitarists And Bands Worldwide

Welcome to the October edition of the Guitar Nine on-line magazine, and we're celebrating the 13th annual Instrumental Guitar Month, a great time to remember, support, discover, promote, and celebrate the many practitioners of this near-underground musical sub-genre. Tell a friend, open a seasonal beverage and enjoy some great music! Fingerpicking techniques, songwriting and the harmonic minor scale are just three of the subjects found in this issue, giving guitarists more ideas for growth and improvement. In total, six new featured articles have been published on a range of musical topics of interest to practicing musicians. After working through the information and lessons, please sample some great music released by over 1000 musicians we've worked with over the past 21 years! Of note, we've published over 220 artist interviews, while over 210 musicians and industry experts have written close to 1100 guest columns for this site since 1996.

Dan McAvinchey
Guitar Haus

Not quite ready to release that record yet? You may be underestimating yourself.

Mike Campese
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike shows you moveable type patterns for the harmonic minor scale, and some ways you can get some fresh new modern type sounds.

Tom Hess
Tom Hess Opus 2

Here are more true reasons for Vai's world-class guitar playing and the lessons each one holds for you.

Tommaso Zillio
Tommaso Zillio

If left unquestioned, these kind of thoughts can start to really build up and hurt your progress as a musician.

Simon Candy
Simon Candy

Don't go with what feels easy as opposed to what is right.

Tommaso Zillio
Tommaso Zillio

Tommaso maintains the skill of songwriting is developed through years of practice.

Guitar Nine Newsroom
Guitar Nine Newsroom

Guitar Nine's October-November 2017 newsletter.

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