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December-January 2020
Guitar Nine

A good guitar riff drives the song, and is often one of the most memorable parts of the tune.

April-May 2019
Tommaso Zillio

Did you know? Professional guitarists may spend at least 30% of their time refining this skill.

February-March 2018
Mike Campese: The Fire Within

Mike shows you several ways to spice up your riffs, lines and solos with some chromatic passing tones.

April-May 2002
Scott Morris

A brand new column by Billboard Magazine Top Rated Instructor Scott Morris.

August-September 2004
Dan Keller

Let the Sultan of String blend, meld, mix and match scales, yielding a unique, exotic effect.

October-November 2004
Randy Ellefson

How using only two fingers creates more advanced possibilities for interval riffs.

October-November 2005
Randy Ellefson

A look at ornamenting interval riffs with melody fragments.

December-January 2005
Randy Ellefson

Guitarist Randy Ellefson introduces two basic ideas in counterpoint: oblique motion and contrary motion.

June-July 2008
Jonas Tamas

Even the simplest idea can be rekindled with the help of little embellishments.

February-March 2014
Tom Hess Opus 2

Tom Hess talks about how you can by use creative rhythm guitar practice methods to write your own rock and metal guitar riffs.

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