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bat·ter·y /ˈbadərē/ a grouping of artillery pieces for tactical purposes.

A look at the Guitar Nine organization's grouping of 4- and 5-string basses for low-end purposes from 1980 through 2022. It's been called the "Noble 9", but that's a somewhat jovial (or highfalutin) way of saying there's an appropriate bass for every four-string jazzer, five-string bassist and even the Geddy Lee wanna-be.

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G&L SB-2 Electric Bass
Rickenbacker 4003S Bass
Hofner 500/1 Fab Gear Beatle Bass
Spector USA NS2 Buckeye Burl
Fodera Yin-Yang Standard Bass
Sandberg California TM-5 Nighthawk
Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East Signature Bass
Fender Tony Franklin Fretless PBass
Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass

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